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Anyone who is interested in my old 33/3 rpm records should download them as soon as possile
Due to pressure from somewhere they( are deleting many of my uploads. I guess because
of some type of copywrite law.
I believe that I have done nothing wrong in uploading these Lps

1. I bought and paid for the Lp and want to share like I would to a good friend with no reimbursment
2. Radio station play them all the time and they can be home recorded (they make a profit)
3. Librarys lend out records (and now cds/dvd) to hundreds/thousands of people
4. Most if not all the Lps are "out of production" so no profit for record companies is lost
5. I understand the music that the Lp contains is copywrited and is now put on cd's BUT
it is NOT the original music. The cds have been enhanced to the point where they are almost
unrecognizable. Many time the songs have been redone by an aging artist who no longer has
the passon or voice they had on the original record

If you like the old Lp's (Scratches and all, Just like they were back then) then check out

Capture Artists
Capture Artists

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